Mar. 30th, 2013

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I chose the Season 2 finale for my episode. Both episodes are ones that have continued ot resonate with me, as a fan of the series. I saw a great many character threads end and begin in this two-parter. There was a lot of character development that would see payoff down the line...and some that I still lament to this day was tragically forgotten or underplayed.

Love it or hate it or both, "Becoming" was a powerful episode. However, its missed or slipped plot threads have always resonated with me, and I've produced a lot of fic set during and after it over the years. Generally, I like to focus on Giles, and how he dealt and adapted to what happened to him.

Here, however, I found myself with a completely unexpected plot bunny, inspired by a reread of Angel and Faith in preparation for the April issue. Whistler, despite arguably being one of the greater influences in setting the events of the show in motion, is never mentioned before or again after his appearance in these episodes, up until walking back on scene in the comics. I always thought that was a shame...and I always thought, for a guy who's all about maintaining balance and making sure good doesn't get curbstompted by evil, it was kind of a dick move.

Thus, as I often do, I wrote a little fix-it fic, maybe explaining a bit about how the Scoobies were able to rally so well when the only other guy that could teach them was either out of town or incapable of properly holding a weapon for most of the first month or so. I'm not sure about the execution - for some reason, this has always been a hard area for me to wrestle fic out of, much as I enjoy trying - but I like the idea itself, and I hope you do, too.

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