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For my second endeavor at Dollhouse meta, I chose The Hollow Men, the penultimate episode. I think it encapsulates most of the messages about corporate power and corporate control that I talked about in my essay about Ghost.

For those of us who believed all through the first season that there was more going on in Dollhouse than was easily apparent, the second season was a *gift*. It was full of conspiracies, character growth, surprise twists, and more corporate meta than you could shake a stick at. It was glorious. It reinforced all my thoughts from first season and built on them beautifully. I never thought I would say this, but thank you Fox TV for giving us a second season despite the poor ratings of the first one.

I was trying to write meta on The Hollow Men, but as time dwindled it became apparent that I had said most of what I wanted to say in the essay I already wrote. Since Time was running out, I decided to do a short vid about Echo in The Hollow Men instead. (Since this is so last minute, it is rough, but try and associate the song overall with Echo and it should make sense.) See behind the cut for the video!

Dollhouse- Echo in The Hollow Men. Fighters from sperrywink on Vimeo.

* Yes, I am quoting Fight Club AGAIN. Still relevant!
** Yes, I am quoting Pump Up The Volume. Totally iconic and relevant too!
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