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Tomorrow's the big day when the fest begins, and we have all the days filled! Yay! There are still plenty of episodes left unclaimed (we have no-one doing Doctor Horrible, for example *hint hint*), and you can claim any day that doesn't already have a claim from the same show.

Also, a few quick modly notes for our lovely contributors:

  1. Please check the masterlist to make sure that I've marked you down for the correct day.

  2. Only post on your day. You have from midnight to midnight on your day to do your posting, but if you can't make it, just let me know and we'll get you another date.

  3. I don't have a special posting template, so use your common sense. Give enough info that people might want to check out your works :)
    • Any graphics bigger than a few icons, and all material that's adult in nature or contains graphic violence, or other themes/imagery of similar nature should be under a cut.

    • Warn for adult (NC-17) content and non-con, as well as any possibly disturbing subjects (or clearly label the post as 'chooses not to warn').

And that's it, I think. Let's get this show on the road, shall we!

And please leave feedback to the contributors as a thank you for making March a very Joss month.
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It's little over a week until March and the beginning of the fest, and we are well on the way of having a full month of Jossverse goodies. Thanks for everyone who has already signed up!

There are still six more days unclaimed, though, and it would be lovely to have those covered too. And of course you can also pick an already claimed episode, as well, as long as it doesn't already have a claim from the same series your episode is from.

Also, since now everyone should have had the chance to pick a first episode, I'm also opening the sign-ups for second claims, so if you feel like claiming another episode/day, you can do so.

And please advertise the community - we need more people watching teh community and enjoying the goodies, too!
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Here are some banners you can use to advertise the comm:


Angel, Firefly, Doctor Horrible, and Dollhouse under the cut )

Please advertise the community far and wide!

(P.S. the sign-ups are now open)
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What is Big Damn Fest?

Big Damn Fest is a month-long multimedia celebration of all things Jossverse. All characters and pairings, gen, het and slash, are welcome. When you sign up, you claim a day when you want to post, and then an episode that you want to post about on that day. Your contribution can be can be fic, graphics, icons, vids, essays, or pretty much anything as long as it has been created specifically for this fest (so no rec-lists, or reposting old fanworks) and related to the claimed episode. As a result, we will (hopefully) have 31 days of Jossverse goodness.

And by Jossverse, you mean...?

For simplicity's sake, it will only include shows that Joss has created 'from the scratch', meaning Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Firefly, Dollhouse, Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog, and Cabin in the Woods.

(so no The Avengers, sorry - but I think that one gets plenty enough love in fandom already)

Are crossovers OK?

Yes, if they relate to your claimed episode, and the main focus is on the Jossverse side of things.

Do I have to post directly to the community?

No, you can post your creations to wherever you want, and just post a link to the community. Just don't post before your claimed day.

Are there any minimum or maximum requirements for my contribution?

No. You can do anything from a drabble or a small picspam or a handfull of icons, to a novel-length fic or an epic vid. And really, sky is your limit - at [ profile] babylon5_love, we've even had people compose songs and create sock patterns.

Why is this fest on Dreamwidth, and not on Livejournal?

The reason is simply Livejournal's recent instability. I know large part of Jossverse fandom is LJ-only, but I don't want people losing their days if Frank the Goat starts varnishing errors again during the fest. Dreamwidth has currently open journal creation, and even if you absolutely do not want to have one, you can still participate by posting wherever you want, and sending me the link, and I will post it to the community for you.

You can also follow the fest on your LJ friendslist by friending [ profile] big_damn_fest.

So when does this thing take place?

Sign-ups start: now
Posting starts: March 1st
Posting ends: March 31st
Free-for-all day: April 1st

How do I sign up?

1) Pick an episode you'd like to claim (plus a second choice in case the first one is already taken). Each episode can only be claimed once. Double-episodes such as "Becoming, Part 1 and 2" count as one episode, as do the movies. Since Doctor Horrible deosn't have episodes as such, it can be claimed by three different people, and the contributions don't have to relate to a specific act.

2) Pick your posting date. The more flexible you can be, the easier this will be for me :) Each day can be claimed once per series, so you can't have two Buffy claims on the same day, but you can have one Buffy claim and one Firefly claim. Though I would prefer for people to pick empty dates first, if at all possible, to make it more likely for us to get full 30 days of goodies.

3) Leave a comment to this post, using the following template:

Preferred episode:
2nd choice episode: (in case the first choice is already taken)
Preferred posting date:
2nd choice posting date: (in case your first choice is already taken)

Both episodes and dates will be given out on first-come, first-served basis.

And if you have to drop-out for any reason, don't worry - just let me know as early as possible, and I'll find someone to cover your day.

List of claimed days and episodes )

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them here, or in the contact the mod post.
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Leave a comment here if you have questions or want to contact the mod for any other reason.

Comments are screened.


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